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Netsmart Technologies


AVI Systems was tasked with designing a unique space that allowed Netsmart Technologies to tell its story in a compelling way.

Netsmart Technologies is the largest human services and integrated care provider in the industry, serving over 500,000 users in the U.S.

Without the right technology in place, telling a story to an audience this size can be difficult.


AVI Systems designed a flexible and technologically advanced experience that’s easy to control. The tech experts called it the Netsmart “Solutionarium.”

When visitors come to Netsmart, employees bring them down a stairway that leads to the Solutionarium. As they descend, an iPad that’s equipped with Crestron software is used to present solutions that the company offers.

During these building tours, there are typically three phases, during which the story is told and controlled by Netsmart employees.

All aspects of the production are controlled by the technology built into the iPad, including lighting, video and audio. However, other technology solutions were installed to offer an immersive storytelling experience.

The project called for multiple advanced technologies, including an 8-foot display video wall and a Christie Digital microprocessor, and AVI Systems’ Digital Media Group (DMG) created content to help tell Netsmart’s story.

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